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Conan Exiles section up and walking, but not up and running

We've begun to add a new section to the website for Conan Exiles. This is an early access game similar to Ark Survival Evolved, but instead set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. This game has it's own unique elements and is a pretty solid game for early access.

While there are a few kinks they need to work out with the game, the core game behind the bugs is extremely fun. This game can be purchased through steam for $30. Right now the game is pretty stable and fun. There are a little bit of server issues and some minor bugs here and there, but the publisher appears to be updating the game almost daily to address these issues. This game is improving rapidly.

If you haven't already bought it, we would recommend taking a look at it. Go watch some videos about the game and see if you're interested in buying or not. We think it's a pretty fantastic game with an immense amount of potential.

As of right now we're working on building a databank of information on the game. It's currently a work in progress, but in a few weeks you should be able to find out how to do anything in-game through We're currently adding info and guides for the game daily, we're trying to get it done as fast as possible.

After we're done making what amounts to a user manual for Conan Exiles, we'll be moving on to making stuff for other games. Thanks for visiting and feel free to bookmark/favorite us and check back later, there's so much more to come in the near future.

Stardew Valley fishing guide online

We've added a big Stardew Valley fishing guide today. This section helps explain how to play the fishing mini-game, where to fish, what fishing levels do, and more. If you have any general questions about Stardew Valley fishing, check out the guide and it will probably have the answer.

And yes, you can in fact fish in lava on Stardew Valley. Check out the guide to learn more.

Stardew Valley section created

Today we've added a section on Stardew Valley to the Video Games tab at the top. There you can find an explanation of the game, and descriptions of the basic farm types you can start off with.

This is just a start for this section. In the near future we'll be adding much more information about that game. It's a very fun game on Steam, you should seriously consider checking it out. If you like farming simulations you may want to put down some money and buy the game for yourself. It's a very well rounded game, surprisingly made by one person.

With the scope and detail to the game, it's very surprising that it was supposedly made by one person alone. It's a fantastic game and definitely something to put on your buy list.