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Video Game Genres

A video game genre is a grouping of games under a common name because of their similar themes or objectives. There are many different game genres, with many games that fit under its definition.

Some of the most basic examples of genres are shooter games and puzzle games. Shooter games includes a broad spectrum of video games where the player has to aim and shoot weapons in order to complete the game objectives. Puzzle games, on the other hand, also include a broad spectrum of games, but are more oriented toward solving riddles and intellectual challenges as the primary gameplay.

Here is a list of video game genres with example included. Feel free to click on a genre to learn more about it, or to see more games that fit under that genre.


Action games are about just that, taking actions. These games usually require skill and reactions to complete their objectives and challenges.

Below is a list of sub-genres of the action genre with three examples of each. Click any genre title to see a bigger list, or to learn more about the genre.

  • Shooter genre
      • Overwatch
      • Halo
      • Call of Duty
  • Stealth genre
      • Hitman 2
      • Dishonored 2
      • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Fighting genre
      • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
      • Tekken
      • Mortal Kombat
  • Platformer genre
      • Cuphead
      • Crash Bandicoot
      • Banjo Kazooie
  • Survival genre
  • Rhythm genre
      • Dance Dance Revolution
      • Beat Saber
      • Rock Band


The Role-playing genre is a type of game where the player takes on a role within the game. The most common examples of roleplaying games are ones like Final Fantasy XV, where players take on the role of the main protagonist and progress through a story-filled game with many events, challenges, and dramatic encounters.

There are a few different types of role-playing genres, below is a list of them with three example games for each. Click any genre title to see a bigger list, or to learn more about the genre.