Borderlands 3 legendary items list

This is a Borderlands 3 legendary items list that catalogs all the legendary items in the game and explains what they do. Most legendary items in Borderlands 3 have special effects that are not accurately explained by their red text descriptions. Players often have to play with them to find out what they do and sometimes they're very hard to figure out, especially if they're stat modifiers like bonus accuracy.

Most Borderlands 3 legendary items have a name in yellow and have a yellow aura about them when they lie on the ground. These items are also usually differentiated by their red text, which is rare to find on purple quality and blue quality items.

Red text is usually what makes or breaks legendary items in Borderlands 3. A good red text with the right weapon can make it unstoppable, while some red text with some weapons make them complete garbage. Basically most legendary items are either extremely powerful, or completely useless because of their red text bonus.

Yellow quality items appear on the mini map so players don't forget to look at them. This option can be turned on and off in the options under gameplay settings. It's useful to turn it off when farming certain areas for legendaries.

Here is a list of legendary items in alphabetical order. The type of weapon will be in parenthesis after the weapon name, i.e. (shotgun) for shotguns legendaries.