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Awesome Minecraft seeds

Minecraft Seeds are numbers that players can enter when creating a world to get the same one every time. These series of numbers are extremely useful for sharing amazing Minecraft worlds with other people.

Finding a good Minecraft seed is essential to having the best adventure possible, alone, or with friends. Starting with a Minecraft seed that's amazing is almost always better than letting the game randomly generate one. Most randomly generated Minecraft seeds are terrible, it takes many attempts to find good Minecraft seeds like the ones found here.

Minecraft seeds come in a variety of types based on what can be found near the starting area. If there's a village, or multiple villages right near the starting point, that is generally referred to as a Minecraft village seed. If players start off on an island in the ocean, that's generally referred to as a Minecraft island seed. The list goes on and on. There's a growing collection of seeds on this website. Below are links to lists and examples of what we have so far.

These Minecraft seeds are for PC. There will be sections for consoles and pocket edition eventually, and they will have their own respective sections on the site. Most of the Minecraft seeds are for version 1.7 and later. Around this version is when they changed the world generator, which changed how seeds work, which changed what all the Minecraft seeds give. As of right now there are up to version 1.11.2 Minecraft seeds on this list.

This area is a work in progress and will be updated with more seeds and lists of seeds periodically.

All Minecraft seeds

This is a list of all the Minecraft seeds on the sight. This list isn't organized by any specific method, but all the seeds on the sight can be found in this list. Use the next page and previous page buttons to move through the list. There are 5 seeds per page.

To browse seeds by category instead, use the sidebar on the right, or scroll down past this section to see the Minecraft seeds in a more categorized manor.

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Minecraft jungle seed with temple and village

This is a fun Minecraft seed for jungles where players start off on the southern edge of a tiny jungle. There's a village to the north west and a temple to the north east. The village is gigantic! And the temple is full of bones and iron. Other than that, there's plenty of jungle to explore, even though it's somewhat small.

Minecraft flower forest seed with puppies

This Minecraft seed actually has wolves, not puppies, but it sounded a lot better that way when mixed with a flower forest. There's a pack of wolves hiding under the trees in this flower forest.

This is a beautiful seed for Minecraft with a great backdrop. The hill and the giant mushroom leading into a roofed forest make for a beautiful background to a pretty flower forest Minecraft seed.

Minecraft lonely mountain seed with llamas

This is a lone mountain seed for Minecraft where players start in a forest by a lake, by the big mountain. This is the only mountain in the entire area, so it gives a great view of the surrounding forests.

There are llamas up on the cliff next to the mountain, so I guess the Minecraft mountain seed isn't so lonely after all. There's also a lot to explore around here, and the mountain gives a great vantage point to set out from. Players can also opt to build a big mountain castle up there that has dominion over the surrounding lands. It's a really fun Minecraft seed for an adventurous player.

Minecraft underground farming village seed

This is a pretty cool Minecraft village seed to try out. Players start off pretty close to the village seen above. There's a series of farms that's half-way buried underground. On top of that there's a blacksmith in an already giant village seed. The blacksmith has an iron helmet and an iron chestpiece.

There's a bit of forest to use for wood, and there are plenty of pits and valley to be careful with. This seed for Minecraft also gives a great view of the ocean. Overall it's another really awesome Minecraft seed to play on.

Minecraft horse taming seed with mountain village

This is a really diverse Minecraft 1.11.2 village seed. Players start off next to a massive village with a blacksmith in it. Inside of this blacksmith however is a saddle! On top of that there are in fact horses and donkeys to be found. The donkeys are everywhere, but players will have to search a little to the west to find the horses.

This is one of the most interesting seeds of Minecraft 1.11.2 by far. There are also an obnoxious number of sheep living on the ravines between mountains in the background. There are animals everywhere in this crazy Minecraft seed.

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Minecraft village seeds

For players specifically looking for Minecraft seeds with villages, then check out the Minecraft village seeds list. Below are three examples from the full list. Be sure to check out the rest of the village seeds before settling for one of the three below.

Villages are a naturally generated structures that are completely random. Sometimes they can be hard to find, which makes Minecraft village seeds important. In these seeds players start near one or more villages. There are generally other unique features around the villages that make each and every seed exciting and unique.

Minecraft forest village seed that's good for horse taming

This is a really well rounded and fun Minecraft seed. Players start near some pigs and horses, right beside a village secluded in a forest. This village is actually giant, with many many houses. There's a blacksmith in this village, and in that building is a saddle. Thanks to that saddle players can tame the horses that are right near the village. Or they can also use the saddle on the pigs.

This is a great village for taming horses, other than that it's a great village for all the other obvious reasons too. There are plenty of villagers and houses to expand upon. There's a private lake right in the village, plenty of food, forests to explore. This is a great place to setup camp and build something great.

Minecraft village seed on lake by a mountain

This village seed for Minecraft has players starting near some mountains. They'll find a village nearby that has some bridges that cross the water. There are plenty of farms, and even a giant fissure right next to the village. Hopefully the villagers don't accidentally trip and fall into that giant hole in the ground.

There are a lot of mountains to explore and there's also a flower forest nearby as well. There are quite a few houses, but sadly there are actually no villagers. This entire village is infested with zombie villagers. Apparently something happened here and turned all of them into zombies. Either way it's a fun village and got a great are around it to explore.

Double village island seed for Minecraft

This is an epic Minecraft seed for villages and islands. Players start off right near a village on an island. But what's even more surprising than this is that on the other side of the island is another village! There are two villages on big island seed for Minecraft. While neither village has a blacksmith, that hardly matters given the insanity of this amazing Minecraft seed.

That's not all, there are caves and a crater on the island. There are also some mountains to explore nearby. South west of this island is a third village that has a blacksmith. This is a really amazing and unique Minecraft seed that's sure to give a very unique and fun experience.

These are just three examples of seeds from the much larger Minecraft village seeds page.

Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds

1.11.2 is the latest version of Minecraft. Check out the full Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds list for all the Minecraft seeds compatible with this version on PC.

The biggest additions to Minecraft seeds in 1.11.2 are llamas and woodland mansions, but there are also a lot of other massive changes to the game in this version as well. Below are 3 examples from the full list. There are plenty more Minecraft Seeds to see than the ones below, so be sure to check out all of them before settling on one.

Minecraft llama seed 1.11.2

This is the first example from the Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds list. Players start relatively close to a village with a bunch of llamas up the hill from it. The llamas are one of the newest features in this version, players can make a caravan with llamas.

The village itself is really awesome too. The village in this Minecraft seed is mostly floating on top of the water. There are a lot of creative things players can do when building on this map. The multiple heights of the terrain also open up a lot of possibilities for creation. This is a pretty cool seed for Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.11.2 survival island seed

Another fun Minecraft 1.11.2 seed to play on. This one is a survival island, and will indeed be quite a challenge to survive on this frugal island. Players start on a sand barge with very little dirt and only three trees. The only way to survive without leaving the island is to start up an apple farm.

There are other islands that players can escape to if need be. Not everyone can survive the challenge of a true survival island seed for Minecraft. One last important trick for survival, players don't use hunger while not moving. Knowing this can be the difference between life and death on a survival island seed.

Minecraft woodland mansion seed 1.11.2

This is another epic Minecraft seed for 1.11.2 where players start off relatively close to a woodland mansion. There features are extraordinarily rare. While players start off a little ways away from the woodland mansion seed, it's extremely close compared to most woodland mansions.

Players start off close to a medium sized village with some cartographers. It's possible to find the woodland mansion the generic way with this, or check out the page for this seed by clicking the picture above in order to get all the coordinates of the different features in this woodland mansion seed for Minecraft.

These are just three examples of the many seeds to discover in our full list of 1.11.2 Minecraft seeds.