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Minecraft horse taming seed with mountain village

Awesome Minecraft mountain seed here. Also this is a horse taming seed, village seed, and animal seed. There are so many animals around this village it's crazy. Players start off right next to the village and the mountains make a beautiful backdrop.

There's a saddle in the blacksmith with donkeys in the village and horses to the west. There are sheep all up and down the mountain ravines. Overall this is one of the best Minecraft seeds, it's a really fun place to live.

Minecraft zombie village seed

Now this is a strange Minecraft seed indeed. Players start near a village where all of the villagers have been turned into zombie villagers. There's not a single normal villager left alive, and all the zombies burn out in the sun. There's also ocean and roofed forest nearby with a big pool of lava out in the forest. Overall a strange but cool seed for Minecraft.

Minecraft temple village seed

This is a Minecraft desert temple village seed. Players start off on the edge of a desert, but if they dive straight into the desert they'll quickly come upon a village with a temple built into it. The temple has enchanted books, and the blacksmith has some iron pants. It's a really good seed overall, even though the desert is a little boring. Another fun Minecraft seed.

Minecraft horse taming forest village seed

This is a really great seed for Minecraft. Players start off near some pigs and horses. The best part about that is that there's a saddle in the blacksmith of the village. Players can pop the saddle onto a horse or pig in no time. This is a great seed for Minecraft horse taming. There's also a private lake near the village and plenty of forest to explore. Some hills can be found nearby and the village is enormous. This is a really awesome seed, one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Minecraft village seed by giant mountain

This one's an interesting seed for Minecraft. Players start off near a giant mountain with a moderately large village seed nearby. Next to the village is a giant fissure, and in that same direction is a flower forest.

The village is somewhat a water village, and even has a bridge crossing the river. There's plenty to do and explore in this 1.11.2 seed for Minecraft. The only downside is the lack of villagers, they're all zombie villagers.

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