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Best Minecraft Seeds

These are the best Minecraft seeds. This list contains the best Minecraft seeds hand picked from the other lists of already awesome Minecraft seeds. The Minecraft seeds found on these pages are often times extremely rare, and or just surprisingly well rounded or beautiful.

This list has most, if not all seed types at some point or another. The best Minecraft seeds list pulls from Minecraft village seeds, Minecraft island seeds, Minecraft jungle seeds, and so on. There are so many types of Minecraft seeds to pick from, and this list has the best Minecraft seeds from each of those lists. Also, none of these Minecraft seeds work as Minecraft PE seeds, Minecraft Xbox One seeds, or Minecraft PS4 seeds. See those respective sections to find seeds for those versions of Minecraft. This list is only for Minecraft PC seeds.

There's also a list for cool Minecraft seeds, that aren't necessarily the best seeds, but more often than not they're extremely unique or weird. This list is for overpowering combinations of features, like three villages in sight of each other, two villages on one islands, or even more simple Minecraft seeds like starting at the crossroads of three great environments. There are a lot to look through in this list of the best Minecraft seeds.

Best Minecraft seeds - page 1

Minecraft double village island seed by lava mountain

Here's one of the best, if not the best Minecraft seed of all time. This is a truly magnificent seed for Minecraft. Players start next to a village on an island that has two villages, one on each side of the island.

This is a wonderful place to do all sorts of creative adventures. Players can connect the two villages, build them into one another to make an island metropolis, loot them and leave, or whatever else they can think of. There's also a mountain with a lava waterfall nearby, and somewhere nearby is a third village on the continent.

This is a Minecraft seed that most people will want to try out at some point. It's truly one of the best Minecraft seeds of all time for the most obvious of reasons. What a great place to build and create.