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Cool Minecraft Seeds

This is a big list of all the cool Minecraft seeds. These aren't necessarily the best Minecraft seeds, but to some people they will be the best. This list of Minceraft seeds is dedicated to strange, unusual, weird, exciting, and unique seeds that are just flat out cool and awesome for their own specific reasons.

All of these seeds are the coolest and most unique from the other lists of Minecraft seeds. These lists include the Minecraft village seeds list, Minecraft island seeds, Minecraft jungle seeds, and all the other types of Minecraft seeds on this website. It's important to note that these seeds do not work as Minecraft PE seeds, Minecraft Xbox One seeds, or Minecraft PS4 seeds. To find those seeds, check out their respective sections and lists. These are only Minecraft PC seeds.

The cool Minecraft seeds list contains seeds of all types. From multi-village seeds, to cool mountain seeds, fun islands, and so much more. This awesome list of cool Minecraft seeds will keep die hard Minecraft seed fans busy for hours, and for some, even days. These are some of the coolest Minecraft seeds from all the lists.