Minecraft PE Seeds (Pocket Edition)

Minecraft PE seeds, also called Minecraft pocket edition seeds, only work on phones. None of the Minecraft seeds for PC, Xbox One seeds , or PS4 seeds work as Minecraft PE seeds.

The PE version of Minceraft is different from the PC and console versions. It's made differently, even though it looks and feels the same. This is why none of the seeds are compatible.

There are a lot of cool Minecraft PE seeds to choose from. There are PE village seeds, PE island seeds, PE jungle seeds, and so on. Players can find villages and other fun structures to explore and loot in some of the Minecraft PE seeds.

Minecraft pocket edition seeds have most of the features from the other versions. There are so many different features and environments to explore, and there are Minecraft seeds out there for each and everyone of them. These Minecraft PE seeds will start players off near or in whatever feature or environment they're looking for.

All Minecraft PE seeds (bedrock version):