Minecraft swampland village seed 1.15.2 with birch forest, roofed forest, and mountains

Here we have an exciting Minecraft 1.15.2 seed for you to play on. This Minecraft village seed is floating on a swamp! This is a really cool Minecraft seed . Players start pretty close to this beautiful swamp village. Much of the village is literally floating on the swamp. This Minecraft seed is really crazy, we've never seen a village floating on a swamp until now, so if you were looking for a village near a swamp then you're in luck because this village is actually on the swamp.

The seed is: 5327789157917583952

The coordinates of the village are X110 by Z20. There are a bunch of mountains nearby which eventually lead to another village and a pillager outpost. There's also another swamp on the other side of the birch forest which may have a witch hut in it. This village is actually very small, which is unbelievably rare in the modern versions of Minecraft. Back in old versions of Minecraft the village uses to be very small and to find one that's big was extremely rare. Now villages are almost always large and finding a small village is almost impossible. That's why this is a super cool Minecraft seed.