Minecraft Village Seeds

Minecraft village seeds are one of the best types of Minecraft seeds to start with. Villages are naturally generated structures that can appear in many different biomes including plains, savanna, and forests. Minecraft village seeds give players a whole town full of villagers, non-player characters that can be traded with, and can even have children!

All Minecraft Village Seeds:

Starting with a Minecraft village seed offers many benefits. Aside from keeping players company, the villagers can be traded with using basic materials and emeralds. Also if players build more houses in the city then the villagers will start having children. Players can expand the village with a lot of Minecraft houses and turn it into an enormous city with many villagers.

On top of these benefits, players can sometimes find a blacksmith in the village. This is a special building with a cobblestone roof. These naturally generated structures will have a treasure chest in them, along with some loot unique to the Minecraft village seed.

One of the other obvious benefits of playing with Minecraft village seeds is the farms. Most villages have some sort of farm growing crops that the players can harvest for free food. This is a great way to survive for players who have little experience fending for themselves in survival mode of Minecraft.

Below are links to village seeds, and lists of village seeds. No two Minecraft village seeds are alike. Some can be on the edge of other worldly biomes such as snow seeds. In some rare cases there are Minecraft village seeds with two villages in sight of each other, and very rarely, three villages that close!

Feel free to take your time and browse through the village seeds. There are many seeds to choose from, so be sure to check them all out before choosing the perfect Minecraft village seed.

Minecraft village seeds lists by version number

Below are lists of Minecraft village seeds, similar to the one above. These are individual pages with lists of villages that are guaranteed to work specifically for whichever version they state. This is another way to navigate the Minecraft village seeds. All of the village seeds in the lists below are also included in the bigger list above.

Minecraft 1.15.1 village seeds

Click the link above for the full list of Minecraft 1.15.1 village seeds. Examples on this page are coming soon.

Minecraft 1.11.2 village seeds

Below are three examples from the bigger full list of Minecraft 1.11.2 village seeds. Be sure to check out the full list for many more 1.11.2 Minecraft village seeds to choose from.

Minecraft mountain village horse taming seed 1.11.2

This is an amazing Minecraft village seed. Players start off right next to the awesome village seen above. There are animals all over the place in and around this village seed. Also there's a saddle in the blacksmith, couple that with the fact that there are horses and donkeys nearby, and then this becomes a great Minecraft horse taming seed.

Players can find donkeys at the village, and horse to the west. There are tons of sheep in the ravines up in the mountains, and tons of other animals all around. Trees are plentiful, even though this is a plains village, and overall this is one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Minecraft zombie village seed 1.11.2

This is a Minecraft zombie village seed. Players start off near a village that's infested with zombie villagers. All of the villagers have been turned to zombies and not a single normal villager remains. This village is also next to the ocean and has a small pier. On the other side there's a roofed forest, and in it is a big lake of lava.

The village is pretty large overall. It's possible to turn villagers back to normal with some knowledge of how to make and use potions. This is definitely one of the more complicated and interesting Minecraft village seeds.

Minecraft forest village seed 1.11.2 blacksmith saddle near free horses

This is a great Minecraft village seed to try out. Players start off right next to a huge village seed and some horses. The horses are an amazing feature to have in this Minecraft village seed because the village has a blacksmith with a saddle in it. This is another great Minecraft horse taming village seed.

That's not all to this adventure though. There's tons of forest around, the village is nicely tucked away in forest. There's a private lake to play with right next to the village. The blacksmith has many other items besides the saddle, including two diamonds. There's so much to start with on this amazing village seed for Minecraft.

Be sure to look at the full Minecraft 1.11.2 village seed page for all of the 1.11.2 Minecraft village seeds