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Minecraft village seeds - page 2

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Double desert temple village seed

This is an amazing village seed for Minecraft where players start near a medium sized village with two desert temples across the waterway. This seed has so much loot to collect from the temples. Be careful not to step on the pressure plate and blow it all up. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Forest village seed with saddle and horses

This perfect Minecraft village seed is great for taming horses. Players start near the animals to the right of the picture above. There's a saddle in that village, which players can use with the horses or pigs to have some fun. There's a private lake by the village, and it's nicely tucked away into the forest. This is a very quaint and cool Minecraft village seed.

Horse taming village seed for Minecraft

Another great village seed for Minecraft where players start near a massive village near some even more massive mountains. There's a saddle in the village and donkeys nearby as well. There are some horses a little ways off to find also. This is a really interesting seed for Minecraft with a great village and a lot of animals.

Minecraft desert temple village seed

Really unique village seed for Minecraft here. Players start to the south of this wacky village where there's a desert temple built in. It looks natural, as if the villagers maybe worship something in that temple.

While the village is small, and of the desert variety, it's still a pretty great place to live. The temple is a really nice decoration, and the free loot isn't bad either. There's plenty of food here and enough villagers to get started expanding and growing the village.

Minecraft zombie villager seed

This Minecraft village seed isn't very fun, but at the same time it's great fun. Players start near a village of nothing but zombie villagers. While this makes the village unable to be expanded, it's definitely unique. There's also a giant lake of lava hidden in the roofed forest seen above. There's great access to the ocean as well in this village seed for Minecraft.

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