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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice divine confetti farming guide

This is a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice divine confetti farming guide. This Sekiro guide will teach you the location, enemy, and route to collect divine confetti very quickly.

For this spot, players have to reach the upper tower of Ashina Castle, which is the second or third location in the game. The "Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo" idol is the place to fast travel to. It's usually a good idea to pop mibu balloons while grinding this location as well, since the enemy only drops divine confetti around one out of fifteen times.

Down the stairs to the right are many blue-robed samurai. These enemies have a small chance of dropping divine confetti. The best way to approach this is to run down the stairs, and go left. Assassinate one of the samurai, then turn and run, backstab one on your way to the next room, then backstab one in the left room out that door. After these kills run across the walkway and go right, back towards where you came from and assassinate one more blue samurai. This will lead you back towards the idol, so run back to it, rest, and repeat.

You will have to break down a few destructible walls, and they will stay destroyed even after resting, which makes farming this much easier. Below is a video guide on how to run this route.

Hopefully you found this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice divine confetti farming guide helpful. This is one of the only locations to farm divine confetti, and it can be reached pretty early in the game, which is very convinent.


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