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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fulminated Mercury farming spot & yashariku's sugar

This is a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fulminated mercury farming guide. Here you can grind out and farm both fulminated mercury and the rare buff item: yashariku's sugar. This one of many Sekiro guides we have.

To find this location, players must progress to around the mid game. This is in the sunken valley, which is after Ashina castle. Ringing the demon bell might also be required to find the fulminated mercury in this location. The travel location for this area is the under-shrine valley idol, which is part of the sunken valley list.

Here players can veer off to a side path and quickly defeat two gun warriors who can drop fulminated mercury. At the end of this route there are some ghosts that occasionally drop yashariku's sugar, and also can drop fulminated Mercury. These weren't here the first time, so it may require the player defeat the headless boss and the bottom of the water at the end of this path for the phantoms to appear. If that doesn't work, then players must have to progress further through the game in order to get the phantoms to appear, but at the very least the gun scouts should drop fulminated Mercury.

Below is a video guide explaining how to best run this Sekiro fulminated mercury farming route.

Hopefully this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fulminated mercury farming guide will help you with all your prosthetic tool upgrades you need.


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