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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice headless mini boss guide - how to damage him

This is a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice headless mini boss guide. This Sekiro guide will explain how to damage and defeat the headless mini bosses found throughout the game.

So in order to damage this enemy, players must first find and collect items called "divine confetti." This item will make the players blade glow pink, allowing them to damage this ghostly enemy. This item can be farmed at Ashina Castle in the upper tower from samurai wearing blue robes.

Once this item has been activated, you have around a minute to fight before it wears off and you have to use another. Since only five can be carried at a time, players only get around five minutes of battle time to defeat this guy, so time is very important when trying to defeat the headless mini boss in Sekiro.

Another useful tip/trick for this is to have pacifying agents on the quick slots. The headless mini boss causes terror, which is extremely dangerous. Using pacifying agents will remove terror buildup and decrease terror received for a short amount of time afterwards.

Another useful tip to be explained in this Sekiro headless mini boss guide is to use ako's sugar. This item temporarily gives the player a damage boost. Since we are only allowed up to five uses of divine confetti per life, the ako sugar becomes extremely useful for maximizing the divine confetti's spent.

Below is a video guide detailing how to win the headless mini boss fight.

Hopefully you found this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice headless mini boss guide helpful, and now you know how to damage and defeat this annoying side boss.


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