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Crucible is the new upcoming video game made by Amazon. Set in an alien world this futuristic game is a new third person shooter game set for a release date of May 20th, 2020.

Many people are comparing this game to Overwatch; however, this game is quite different than Blizzard's Overwatch game. For starters Crucible is a third person shooter, not a first person shooter. Also we don't really know all the details of how this game is going to work. Players take part in PvP in up to three different game modes, one of which is a battle royale style game and the others are team based objective control games.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Crucible essence hunters (playable characters)

Ajonah crucible essence hunter.jpg


Botani Mark One unit Bugg crucible essence hunters big waving.jpg


Crucible essence hunter Captain Mendoza.jpg

Captain Mendoza

Crucible essence hunters Drakahl.jpg


Crucible essence hunter earl.jpg


Crucible essence hunters Rahi and Brother.jpg

Rahi & Brother

Crucible essence hunters Sazan.jpg


shakirri crucible essence hunter.jpg


Crucible essence hunter Summer.jpg


Tosca crucible hunter.jpg



There are currently 10 essence hunters in crucible. Each one has its own strengths and its own weaknesses. Some have more HP than others, some have more utility or mobility or more damage. Every hunter has its own unique abilities and playstyle. Check out our list of essence hunters to find out more about them.

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