Actual Crucible gameplay video shows what the game is really like

We've found a Crucible gameplay trailer on YouTube. We don't know if this is leaked or intentional since it's from a really small YouTuber but it shows some real gameplay from Crucible, the upcoming third person shooter MOBA made by Amazon games. This is some really big news for Crucible.

In the Crucible video below we get to see a lot of new details about Crucible. It looks like Crucible will have a ping system similar to Apex Legends. We also get a pretty definitive idea of how the heart of the hives game mode works and plays out. Based on the gameplay footage below we also can likely confirm that killing some mob camps will give buffs to player on top of the normal exp gains.

As for the heart of the hives, it appears there's some way to spawn a boss-like flower monster. Anyone can damage it but, unlike league of legends and other mobas, it drops a heart when it dies instead. In order to capture the heart players need to hold the F key on it and stand still for maybe 10 seconds. This makes sure that there's no stealing of the heart, one team has to decisively win the engagement with the enemy team and protect a player as they grab the heart. Long gone is the age of sniping a boss mob like in League of Legends or Smite.

Edit: The video was taken down for copyright so apparently it wasn't an intentional content release

The gameplay in Crucible actually looks very exciting. It's definitely not a chill moba like League, it takes a lot of skill to aim, and use abilities correctly in this video game. The Crucible gameplay video also showed off a lot of characters abilities. Particularly funny was the guy who used his giant weapon as a jet to dash with. There were so many different character abilities showed off in the video, it's best to just watch for yourself to get a feel of what to expect in the actual gameplay.

It also looks like the essence collection game mode is pretty standard point control maybe. The main take away from that is it probably takes 100 essence to win. The highest we saw in any of the gameplay was one team reaching 97. It's likely a first to 100 game mode.

Another important takeaway is that the first part of the gameplay footage was probably the battle royale mode since it seemed to only show essence gameplay in the middle and then only heart of the hives gameplay in the last third of the video. If you were wondering what Crucibles battle royale mode is going to look like then check out the first third of the video above.

This game is actually really exciting looking and definitely has potential to be a really good new MOBA style game. Hopefully Amazon can pull off what so many others have failed at over the past decade: making a new MOBA game that's actually popular and fun.

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