Closed beta Crucible gameplay footage looks like shooter style League of Legends

Not ironically, a Crucible video with gameplay footage got released today on YouTube by GamesRadar on the same day as the official Crucible first look reveal video. In the gameplay footage released today we're able to learn a lot more about what the Crucible gameplay will be like.

From the looks of it, Amazon's new game Crucible will be a hybrid between the games Overwatch and League of Legends. Players will get four abilities and maybe personal medkits to use. The map looks gigantic and a big part of the game will be farming mobs for levels. There will likely be a similar in-game leveling system during the match as what we see on League of Legends or Smite.

From what's seen in the video, we can expect long games, some kind of scoring for that particular game mode, maybe first to three, and farming mobs for levels. It's likely that farming some mobs will give buffs too, but we have no proof of that yet, it's just a common trend for games that implement this gameplay system.

For a split second the map was revealed, obviously map details are subject to change before release, but below you can see a rough outline of what the map, or one of the maps, will look like.

It looks like there are buff camps with timers maybe. When watching the video we could see a little bit of movement on the mini map and it made it seem like the map is huge.

There will also be multiple types of classes, from shooters, to melee powerhouses and lots of imbetweens. We saw what looked like Gibraltars shield ability from Apex Legends, as well as the same concept as Torb turret from Overwatch. Likely this game will feed off of abilities already invented in other games, and hopefully with the addition of new handcrafted skills/abilities completely unique to Crucible.

For now this is about all we know about Crucible, to keep up with the latest follow our Crucible news page.