Testing 23 major exploits in patch 1.31 for Cyberpunk 2077

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It's that time again. The new Cyberpunk 1.3 patch is out and because it fixed an enormous amount of bugs, now I have to go back and test as many of the old exploits as I can think of to see if they still work, or inversly, if they're still fixed. Because as we all know CD projekt Red has an unremarkable talent for breaking the game when they try to fix it.

Before we begin, it's important to know that these exploits work without cheat engines,  everything you see in today's video can be done in the base version of the game, meaning even console players can do these!

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But anyway, let's test these exploits, montage style!

The first exploit we're going to test is the invincibility exploit from the Send in the Clowns mission. If this cheat still works, it opens up a whole plethora of tricks we can pull in this game.

To do this you'll need to get to this point of the story in the Send in the Clowns side mission. You used to be able to run people over until the cops appeared, but now we have to go back into this alley and aggro these enemies.

Once you have their attention you need to drive to the drop of location for Ozob the Clown, but stop short. Wait for a little while, and give the enemies time to move closer to your position, so they don't lose aggro.

After they move up some you can drive to the spot, which will initiate a cutscene with Ozob leaving the car. During this cutscene invincibility gets turned on for V. If you're in combat however, it will let you leave the car as soon as Ozob enters the building, assuming it still works

Well it looks like we can still get out of the car. Now we have to run away from this mission and it should let us fail the mission. 

Okay, we've gone far enough and it looks like we got the angry text message from Ozob, alerting us that the mission failed, now we should be invincible, but let's go back to the cops and test it.

Okay it looks like the invincibility exploit still works, these cops aren't doing any damage. That's good news because if an exploit that we test later in this video works, there's a lot of fun stuff we can still do in this game by cheating.

So now for the duplication exploit, and infinite money exploits, they go together.

So you used to be able to go to a drop point like this, and press the pause menu and the sell button at the same time, which would bring you into a glitched menu. The sell button was actually pressed slightly faster than the pause menu button, but it felt like the same time.

Let's give it a shot and see if we can still do it.

Okay, so it looks like we can't open the glitched drop point menu anymore. It appears they fixed it by having it close that menu and then re-enter the menu normally. Sadly this looks like the end of the duplication exploit, you will be missed.

While we're here let's test the painting. Even though its pricing was already fixed,  they said they fixed its pricing. Let's check it out.

Okay so we sell it for 4,000, aaaaannnnnndddddddd the buyback is 9090. I honestly don't remember what it was after they fixed it before, but I'm fairly certain that's the exact same pricing. So now the painting, item duplication, and infinite money cheats are all fixed.

So now let's test the flying exploit. If this still works we can combine it with the invincibility exploit we tested earlier in order to go anywhere in Night City, even out of bounds areas.

This used to work by holding a melee weapon, going to the inventory menu, going to the same equipped melee weapon, unequipping it, then re-equipping it without leaving this menu, and then backing out of the menu and back into the game.

Well it looks like that didn't work, so let's try it again.

Okay, so it looks like the invisible melee weapon still works, but now you have to do it twice in a row. That's honestly pretty funny, but we'll take it. Now let's see if we can fly with this.

To fly, take your invisible melee weapon, look up at the sky, and then attack as fast as you can. This is much easier on mouse and keyboard. Don't stop clicking or you'll start falling. Once you start falling it's impossible to catch your momentum and you'll fall to the ground regardless of how fast you attack.

Well it looks like the flying exploit still works. That's really good news since it leaves us a lot more places to explore in the game, and boundaries to jump.

Now let's see if we can still glitch through walls using the delamain exploit. To do this, you have to park a delamain vehicle near a wall and get out. You have to make sure you're just the minimum distance from the wall where V will still get out from the left side.

Okay so I've tried this a few times and it appears they fixed it, but let me try another wall just to be safe.

Ah this wall looks good, I know I used to be able to get through this kind of wall.

Okay I've tried multiple times, and I've even tried blocking the right door with another car. It seems they've increased the minimum distance that makes V go out the passenger side door. I've tried getting closer with the door blocked and then I simply can't get out of the car. So I think the wall glitch exploit is fixed, but I can't completely rule it out.

Now let's test if we can still use the strongest weapon in the game. I still don't know if this is intentional, or an exploit, but it sure feels like an exploit. They even nerfed it some in a previous patch by adding a cooldown.

So let's see if the projectile launch system with tranquilizer rounds still one shots any enemy of enemy level.

Okay, so the projecile launch system cheat is still in the game, which is really nice for xp farming that I might touch up on in coming videos, so be sure to subscribe for that.

Let's check and see if the crafting components exploit still works. This was fixed in a previous patch, but let's check it again in 1.3 just to be safe.

It used to be that some grenades would use less materials to craft than they would give back when you disassemble them. So let's craft a blue frag grenade and see. It costs 3 green components and 4 blue components. We'll craft one grenade.

Now let's head over to our backpack and see what it will give if we disassmble it.

Okay so it only gives back 2 grey componenets, 1 green component, and 2 blue components. It looks like we can't cheeze the grenade system for infinite components. Also this exploit used to be an infinite money exploit, but they nerfed the sell price of components, so it wouldn't work for that anymore, even if it did still work in 1.3

Okay it's time for the quickhacking and breach protocol xp exploits. You used to be able to go to the pacifica mall, and mess with the cameras near the fast travel in order to get infinite experience. It used to be so broken that you could get to max quickhacking in 2 minutes.

So we need to look at any of the three cameras in this area and ping it. We used to get 8,000 experience for the first ping, so let's see.

Okay it looks like that's been fixed and now it only gives 135 xp on the first ping. Let's check breach protocol and see if we can still get that.

Well it looks like they changed the game so turning cameras on and off gives quickhacking xp instead of breach protocol xp, that kills the breach protocol exploit, even if it still were to work here.

So the other exploit to test here is to buy anamnesis with level 18 intelligence. It's buggy and never wants to work, I wonder if they changed anything about it in 1.2 or 1.3. We'll have to see.

Okay so i was testing this and I can't get anamnesis to work the way it's supposed to, it seems now it restores you to 4 RAM after you leave the scan menu and start regening ram.  I did seem to get 135 quickhacking over and over again with ping though. There's definitely something here to exploit for quickhacking at a minimum, but I'll have to test this more thoroughly and post about it later. This was always the most complicated exploit.

Now we're going to test an exploit that let us fast level multiple skills, it was the fastest way to level stealth, cold blood, assault, and so on. They fixed this a patch or two ago, but it's worth a check to see if it still works.

We used to be able to walk into render range of these enemies, kill them, walk back a little bit, and then come back to them. This would cause them to respawn, and then we could kill them again. We could do this over and over again very quickly for crazy xp.

Well it looks like this one is still fixed, sadly we can't exploit this for fast skill gains anymore.

Now let's double check the speed exploits. One of them got patched a while back, and I never tested the other after 1.2

So first up is the kerenzekov speed exploit. We have one equipped right now. This slows down time when you dodge, and you used to be able to use it to move at super speed.

We simply dodge while blocking, spam dodge, and double jump as the slow effect is wearing off.

Okay it looks like this exploit is still fixed sadly, let's try the manuvering system version instead.

So we have the manuvering system on now. I unequipped the kerenzekov to make sure that it wouldn't interfer. This cyberware lets us dodge while in the air. Now we double jump, and dodge right before hitting the ground and double jump as soon as we hit the ground.

Okay it looks like this one is fixed now too. I think they made it so if you're moving to fast when you dodge in the air, it forces you to a stop. That's unfortunate since the speed exploits were the most fun exploits in all of Cyberpunk.

Next up is the play as Johnny exploit. This exploit let's you escape a flashback and run around night city as johnny. It's a really interesting exploit, that severely breaks the game.

Okay so first off it looks like they tried to fix it by making us unable to use the elevator unless both NPC's are nearby, but we may still be able to get this to work.

So once the elevator hits the top, you simply run past all the enemies without killing any. This is much easier to do on easy difficulty. Once you make it to the back, you jump on the box to the left, and use it to jump over the fence.

Well it seems we can still get over the fence, but now it teleports us back when we run away since we had to trigger the enemy spawns outside, let me play around with this for a minute.

Okay, so I was testing and it seems there's a giant hole in the wall. If you jump over the fence and immediately turn right, you'll see some stairs. Run up those stairs and boom, freedom. Now you can play as Johnny in night city. All the same rules apply as before, so check out my play as johnny exploit video if you want to know more about this one, I'll try to remember to link it in the description below.

Now for a really fun exploit. Let's see if we can still escape the heist with jackie still alive. We used to need the speed exploit for this, but since they both have been fixed, it should be impossible now.... unlessssssss. I thought of another way to do this exploit that should work, but it will be MUCH harder.

So we'll go to the rooftop of arasaka tower during the heist. Now, we need to do the flying exploit. We'll get to the edge here and fly up as high as we can, then, once we think we're high enough, we'll start holding forward while swinging, which will eventually make us fall, but if we go high enough first, we should make it to the water.

There's no way to get the invincibility exploit before this point, so if we don't make it to the water, we'll die from fall damage. We also have to be careful to get over the kill boundary, and yes, there's a kill boundary around arasaka tower.

Even if I don't make it to the water, if I make it close, then we know it's possible, I just need to fly higher before moving forward.

Okay we got pretty close to the ocean, I'm going to assume that this is still possible, it's just much harder than it was before. That's pretty cool that we can still save Jackie from the heist.

It's time to see if we can still cheese the beat on the brat missions. If you bring a heavy machine gun (or multiple heavy machine guns) to a beat on the brat mission, you can lay them on the ground in the arena and pick them up after the fight starts. This will let you CC your target while shooting them to death with your HMG's.

Okay it looks like this exploit still works.

Now let's check if the AFK athletics farming exploit still works. They actually patched this last patch, but maybe one of the methods will work again in 1.3, it's worth a shot I guess.

So for this exploit we used to equip a berserk operating system, activate berserk, then slide or melee attack, and pause the game while in the middle of one of those manuvers. Doing this would cause you to gain athletics xp while doing nothing with the pause menu open.

Well it looks like this exploit doesn't work anymore. It's a shame too because athletics is border line impossible to level. I had someone tell me once they did a 100% run of the game using melee only, and it only brought them to athletics level 18. Even with the afk method before, it still took hours to reach max level. It's a shame this one's fixed because athletics is an unbalanced troll skill to level, which is a shame too because it increases your weight capacity, which would be really nice.

By the way, didn't they explicitly state in the patch notes that they fixed NPC's to where they won't do this? It looks like yet again, the patch notes aren't accurate at all.

Well, that's all the exploits for today, that covers most of them. If I missed any, it's because I need to investigate them further before posting about them. Stay tuned for more 1.3 exploit videos, and there are definitely more to come. 

Making this video took an absurd amount of work and effort by the way. If you enjoyed this content, be sure to like and subscribe, I would appreciate it a lot.

It seems that Cyberpunk is still a game riddled with exploits, even though they're sadly fixing them one by one. I think I speak for all of us however when I say: I wish they would create the 24 missing perks before taking away exploits that make the end game more fun. Or they could also try fixing clothing mod stacking first, or a multitude of other important fixes, rather than preventing us from using the speed cheat and other fun cheats that give us something to do past the 300 hour mark of game time.

As for the rest of the game however, it's in a much more playable state, so for a generic play through without exploits, cyberpunk is dramatically more fun to play now than on release.

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