Gacha Club Stun All Strike and unit list

This Gacha Club active skill is called stun all strike. This ability damages all enemy monsters and has a chance of stunning them for a few seconds. This skill isn't all that great honestly. We haven't found a good time or place to use it, but maybe there's some time it will be good. Also maybe in a later version of Gacha Club they'll change it so that it works differently.

The level progression of stun all strike in Gacha Club is as follows:

Level 1: Attack all enemies with 1x dmg, chance to stun monster 20%, chance to stun boss 2%

Level 2: Attack all enemies with 1.2x dmg, chance to stun monster 25%, chance to stun boss 4%

Level 3: Attack all enemies with 1.4x dmg, chance to stun monster 30%, chance to stun boss 6%

Level 4: Attack all enemies with 1.7x dmg, chance to stun monster 35%, chance to stun boss 8%

Level 5: Attack all enemies with 2x dmg, chance to stun monster 40%, chance to stun boss 10%

Here is a list of all Gacha Club Units that have Stun All Strike as their active skill: