1.16.5 flower forest village seed for Minecraft by the ocean

We found another Minecraft 1.16.5 flower forest seed. You don't start right next to the village in this Minecraft 1.16.5 seed, but it's pretty close by. The best part about this 1.16.5 village seed for Minecraft is the flower forests. It's a really beautiful 1.16.5 seed for Minecraft.

The seed is: 2650902192821783137

The village is at X20 by Z 350. There's a crater in the middle of the village. Also there's some ocean right nearby for anyone who wants to go sailing on a boat. It's a really pretty looking Minecraft seed with all the flower forests and there's even a pillager outpost nearby. All of this takes place in a small patch of plains biome surrounded by forest and taiga forests. It's a really cool seed for Minecraft.