1.16.5 Minecraft grassy village seed by cool mountain and pillager outpost

We've found another fun Minecraft village seed. This 1.16.5 Minecraft seed starts you next to a village in a nice biome with a really amazing mountain spire nearby. If you're feeling adventurous and go exploring you'll find a pillager outpost and another village beyond that.

The seed is: 2928333153647998182

It's a good Minecraft seed. If you're looking for a village then this 1.16.5 world seed for Minecraft is a good place to start. There are a lot of different types of animals right at the start. There are so many sheep that you could make a lot of beds.

There's lots of plains / grasslands and a decent bit of forest if you go looking for it. All of this is near the ocean as well in case you want to make a boat and go exploring the high seas. You'll also find a big glob of mountains nearby too if you're looking to explore more mountains. There's a decent bit to do here, it's definitely a fun 1.16.5 seed for Minecraft.