Minecraft 1.16 taiga mountain village seed

Here's a quaint little Minecraft 1.16 seed to play Minecraft with. Players start right next to the Minecraft village seed 1.16 that's surrounded by roofed forest. This is a scary looking Minecraft seed to play on. Monsters might come creeping out of the woods at any time.

The seed is: 7130409499458394176

On this Minecraft seed players can simply expect to find the village. It's a pretty standard plains village and it's a fun place to build. The village is surrounded on all sides with roofed forest, it's really a gem in the woods. Anyone who wants a secluded Minecraft village seed to start their adventures on will be ecstatic about this seed for Minecraft. It's a great environment with some great animals, features ,and style to it. Anyone wanting to have fun playing Minecraft might want to consider playing with this Minecraft world seed.