Minecraft forests seed 1.15.2 roofed, birch, normal, and mountains

Another Minecraft 1.15.2 seed to play with. Here is a seed for Minecraft where players start near a bunch of different forests. There are roofed forests, birch forests, and normal forests. There are also mountains right nearby. There are pigs, cows, wolves, and chickens right near the spawn and probably more if you look hard enough.

The seed is: 8205168105289235872

It's a quaint little place to play Minecraft. There's nothing special here, just forests, caves, giant mushrooms, lakes, and a patch of sunflower plains. If you were looking for a more simple Minecraft world seed then this may be the right one for you. You could find a lot of fun games to play here if you look hard enough. It's a good Minecraft seed.