Mushroom biome Minecraft seed 1.17.1 big island with mooshroom cows

This Mushroom Biome Minecraft Seed 1.17.1 starts players on the shoreline just south of the giant mushroom island. This is one of the more standard Minecraft mushroom island seeds for the 1.17.1 Minecraft version. If you were looking for a mushroom island for the Minecraft new version 2021, then this could be it. It's a good Minecraft seed.

The seed is: -6283577988472362412

There are a lot of Minecraft 1.17.1 seeds with lots of different features and biomes. This one is all about the mooshroom cow and mushroom biome minecraft features. The mushroom island can be found at x70, z-200. In a way this is a Minecraft island seed as well since the mushroom biome is technically an island. It's one of the best 1.17 seeds.

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