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Cool Minecraft island seed 1.11.2 easy living

Another cool Minecraft island seed. Players start on an island with a ton of trees. It's easy to survive off of apples on this Minecraft 1.11.2 seed. In the long run players can harvest the grass and grow wheat for bread. At that point this place becomes a canvas for any creative build.

Fun Minecraft 1.11.2 survival island seed.

This is a great Minecraft 1.11.2 seed for islands. Players start on a small island with a bunch of trees. This island is in the middle of a large lake, it's the only island in this body of water. This is a really fun Minecraft island seed that's pretty easy to survive on and expand upon.

Awesome Minecraft 1.11.2 jungle seed by temple

This is a pretty awesome Minecraft 1.11.2 jungle seed where players start in the middle of a massive jungle. There's also a jungle temple right nearby with a bunch of treasures for players to collect. Overall this is another really cool Minecraft 1.11.2 seed.

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