Minecraft 1.11.2 village seed built into savanna mountain

This is one of the best Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds so far. This awesome savanna village is right near the starting area and is built into the side of a large hill. Players can do quite a bit of creative work with this really cool, and also enormously massive village seed for Minecraft.

The seed is: -8273299555903856236

Players can find the village right next to where they start. The coordinates for the big savanna mountain village are 60x by 165z. The player starts within 100 blocks of this area.

This village is huge, and it even has a blacksmith. The blacksmith doesn't have much other than iron ingots and generic stuff, but this is still one of the coolest Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds by far. There are also some sheep all over the place throughout the village.

There's actually a second village right nearby as well. It's a desert village, but doesn't have anything too special other than being pretty large. The coordinates of that village are -245X by 320Z.

Below is a video walkthrough of the seed.

This is a perfect place to build something really creative. So far this is one of the most fun Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds.