Minecraft llama seed 1.11.2 with a village

This Minecraft 1.11.2 seed has plenty of the brand new llamas in it. On top of that they're right up the hill from a really cool village floating on the lake.

Players start a little distance away from the village, but there are sheep with the llamas which can be used to make a bed to respawn at in the village.

The seed is: 8178686061517450808

This Minecraft llama seed 1.11.2 is perfect for trying out the new caravan idea they added. There's also plenty of space to build some pretty cool things on this 1.11.2 seed for Minecraft. The hill, the village, and the water are a nice blend of features that can be used for a multi-level building.

The village and the llamas can be found at 330X by -150Z. Players will have to take a small walk to get to the village, but its well worth it. This is another one of the really awesome Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds.