1.16.200 triple village bedrock seed for Minecraft with birch forests

Here we go, another triple Minecraft bedrock village seed. This is a Minecraft 1.16.200 bedrock seed where you start in the middle of three villages. It's one of the best Minecraft 1.16.200 village bedrock seeds we've found so far. There's also lots of birch forests.

The seed is: -1960343858

The first village is at 115 by 115. The second village is at 115 by -250. The third village is at -230 by -335. There are actually five villages in this bedrock seed total. It's the most villages we've ever found in this small of an area, out of all the bedrock seeds we've ever found. This is definitely the best Minecraft bedrock seed for villages, nothing else even comes close. It's such an amazing and epic Minecraft seed.