Minecraft mountain village seed 1.15.1 super cool taiga town

Talk about a crazy Minecraft 1.15.1 seed! This insane Minecraft village seed for 1.15.1 has a village that is spread out across a mountain top! There are buildings here, up there, over there, this place is amazing. Creating mountain paths up and down the mountains like some sort of ancient chinese village will be an extremely fun task for any fan of villages.

The seed is: 6115083519659958612

There are actually two villages, and two pillager outposts in this MInecraft seed. The spawn point of this seed is right on top of the mountain village. As for the second village in this 1.15.1 seed for Minecraft, the coordinates are (X180 by Z-250) and the two pillager outposts are at (X300 Z-400) and (X520 by Z-380). There's also a swampland right in view of the mountain that the first village is placed on, it's technically to the north west.

This is one of the cool Minecraft seeds for 1.15.1 and has a lot to offer. There's plenty to do in the first few hundred blocks of the starting position. Enjoy this wonderful seed for Minecraft.