Minecraft pillager outpost seed 1.15.2 spooky evil witch hut swamp by mountains

Here we have a pretty evil feeling Minecraft 1.15.2 seed where players start near not only a pillager outpost, but also a witch hut, two of the most menacing structures in the game. This Minecraft seed also has forests, mountains, and an ocean nearby. There's an ocean ruins nearby in the ocean with an enchanted fishing rod. There's also a fissure hidden right next to the pillager outpost so be careful not to fall in.

The seed is: -1682364201188350395

This is a good Minecraft seed for pillager outposts. This place is pretty awesome and has plenty of animals to play with as well. This is a great place to build a pirate haven, it would be fitting given the starting circumstances. There are also mountains nearby to here which are really big and extend for quite some distance. The swamp is fairly large and there are other swamps somewhat nearby but far off in the distance. This seed is in a colder area so the main biomes around here are swamps, forests, plains, roofed forests, and mountains. Overall though it's a pretty good Minecraft seed.