Minecraft village pillager outpost seed 1.15.2 mountains

Here we have a really awesome Minecraft 1.15.2 seed. In this Minecraft seed players start a little ways away from this village and pillager outpost which are only separated by a river. There are also some mountains next to the pillager outpost. This is a crazy Minecraft village seed where players will find a good place to setup camp if they're looking to overthrow a pillager outpost. Can you save this village from their pillager overlords?

The seed is: 2947570830657623755

The coordinates of the village and outpost are around X-300 by Z-250. Players can find a fairly expansive mountain biome to explore as well. The forest is pretty massive so there's a lot to explore there. There's also a swamp nearby, but sadly no witch hut in the swampland. This Minecraft mountain seed 1.15.2 is pretty good for mountains. It's also a great pillager outpost seed since it's not just a pillager outpost, but also a village seed. The proximity of the pillager outpost to the village is extremely interesting. This is definitely one of the best Minecraft seeds.