Crucible Hunter - Tosca

crucible hunters tosca upgrades jpeg.jpg
Graphic compiled by reddit user Starsleeps

Tosca is one of Crucible's essence hunters. This little guy is a very angry evil genius. She excels at close combat, with good mobility and a lot of utility.

This Crucible hunter is very good at getting right into the enemy team and getting her hands dirty. She wields an acid shotgun that deals significant damage at close range. She can teleport around very quickly, and even teleport through walls. On top of that she has xray goggles so she can see enemies through walls before she teleports in.

She excels at making a mess of every situation. With her electro-cloud she can smog up close quarter engagements and with the right upgrades she can drop bombs with each blink. She can does a really good job and not only defeating opponents, but at creating pure chaos everywhere she goes. When Tosca's in the fight players must always have their guard up, as they may have no idea idea what's about to happen next.


Tosca tends to be a chaotic evil kind of essence hunter. She really tries to get in there and wreck up the place. She does a reasonable amount of damage, but her biggest strength is causing confusion and chaos. If the enemy players are busy trying to deal with Tosca, they have no time left to pay attention to everyone else attacking them. On top of all of this, Tosca is a very potent fighter who can absolutely win fights on her own if she plays them right.

Tosca's hunter stats

Tosca is a low HP glass cannon utility-style DPS hunter. She doesn't even deal all that much damage, but she's fast and can really disrupt an enemy team while securing kills in the chaos.

Base Health:


Base Movement Speed:

4.5 meters per second?


Tosca's abilities:

Tosca's abilities have a high focus on causing chaos and disrupting the enemy team. She blinks around and through walls, catching opponents off guard. On top of this, she's excellent and finishing off low HP targets who are hiding behind cover as she can quickly teleport through walls to get to them. Her smoke screen offers a big tactical advantage in small spaces and her xray goggles allow her to be the only one who can see through the smoke. Her damage isn't too crazy, but her utility is massive.