Best way to beat Shadow of corruption bosses in one fight in Gacha Club

This is a Gacha Club guide for how to beat the shadow of corruption bosses more easily. With the strategy we'll outline below you can usually beat the bosses in a single fight. Also if you're at a higher level or at the final late game of Gacha Club then this should make it rediuclously easy. The whole strategy involves mixing the right unit skills to sustain and maintain the party through the fight. Below is the video followed by a text explanation.

How to best Gacha Club bosses easily in one fight

This Gacha Club strategy involves using two units with MP booster, one with heal strike, one with ultimate heal, two units (at least) with ultimate debuff, and then a final unit that either has ultimate debuff or ultimate buff depending on the boss. With a unit mix like this you can easily start defeating the shadow of corruption bosses starting at unit level 50.

Other important things to note are that you want to try to get units that have high max HP for this and also any unit that also happens to have the passive for bonus HP is also very helpful. 

As for pets, you'll want all pets that have HP boost for your party. The main goal is to have enough HP to not lose a unit to a single hit while trying to debuff them into weakness.

It's extremely important to level up the active skills on your units as high as possible, ideally level 5. The skill levels on the healers are not as important, but at least get the first two levels since they're relatively cheap. It's important to have level 5 MP boosters and at least level 4 for the ultimate buffs, but level 5 is preferred.

Battle strategy for the Gacha Club shadow bosses

When you actually get in the battle you want to use the MP booster units as soon as their skills come up. Also you want to use the buff and debuff units as quickly as you can as well. As for the healers, you use them to heal when necessary. Your ability to win the battle depends on how well you manage healing. If you heal off cooldown you'll eventually run out of MP.

Depending on the boss, once its stats get down far enough you can start to save the debuff moves for right after he/she buffs him/herself. This can help to conserve MP.

Once you get the bosses stats down you're in the safe zone and should be able to fight your way through the rest of the battle. If you lose a unit in the first few cycles then you'll have to restart and try again probably. Once your units and pets are high enough level then you can easily survive the first few rounds, but if you're trying to beat the shadow bosses at level 50 then you're going to need some luck to get through it. Either way this is hands down the best way to beat the Shadow bosses early in Gacha Club.