Gacha Club MP All Strike and unit list

This Gacha Club active skill is called MP All Strike. This ability attacks all enemies, but not for very much damage. It also restores MP, but uses a lot of MP as well. At max level you'll get 5 MP back after using it, so basically a free attack. Generally it's not a very useful skill, but there are some niche times that it's reasonable ot use it. Most of the time however, there are better compositions of active skills and Gacha Club units that you can use.

The level progression of MP All strike in Gacha Club is as follows:

Level 1: Attack all enemies with 1x damage and gain 10 MP

Level 2:  Attack all enemies with 1.2x damage and gain 15 MP

Level 3:  Attack all enemies with 1.4x damage and gain 20 MP

Level 4:  Attack all enemies with 1.7x damage and gain 25 MP

Level 5:  Attack all enemies with 2x damage and gain 30 MP

Here's a list of all Gacha Club Units that have MP All Strike as their active skill: