Gacha Club Ultimate Heal and unit list

This Gacha Club active skill is called ultimate heal. This ability only heals, but it heals the entire team for a lot of HP. When using this skill the HP of the unit using it matters a lot. The ultimate heal heals the team based on the healers max HP, not the target. So if a unit has 10,000 HP and ultimate heal does 60% of max HP, then All units get 6,000 HP, because that's 60% of the ultimate healers maximum HP.

The level progression for ultimate heal in Gacha Club is as follow::

Level 1: 40% of healers max HP

Level 2: 45% of healers max HP

Level 3: 50% of healers max HP

Level 4: 55% of healers max HP

Level 5: 60% of healers max HP

Ultimate heal is an extremely useful skill in Gacha Club boss fights. It allows your party to keep fighting for much longer than you could without a healer.

Below is a list of all Gacha Club units that have ultimate heal as their active skill: