Minecraft beehive seeds

Here is a list of Minecraft beehive seeds from out bigger lists of Minecraft seeds. All of these seeds have beehives and beeds in them. All Minecraft 1.15 seeds can have beehives, that is the version they were added to the game. All Minecraft versions after this will also have beehives.

So beehives are pretty straight forward. They can be found only in plains biomes where there are flowers nearby. Because of this they have a much higher chance of being found in flower forest biomes. Each beehive has bees that go out and collect pollen from flowers before returning to the hive. Apparently the beehives can be moved by using the silk touch enchantment.

Beehives make Minecraft much more fun to play in some cases, and if you were looking for a Minecraft bee hive seed for when you play Minecraft, then you just found the list. Below is our list of beehive seeds.

All Minecraft beehive seeds: