Minecraft crater village seed 1.16 surrounded by mountains

Here's a really crazy Minecraft 1.16 seed where players start in a village seed . What's really awesome about this seed for Minecraft is that the village is in a crater. There's one small flat area of plains completely surrounded by mountains on all sides. It's a really interesting Minecraft 1.16 village seed.

The seed is: -3482482166148766275

This is a really scenic and interesting seed to play Minecraft with. There are a lot of fun adventures to use this place for. Not only that but being in a crater gives an actual space to fill while making Minecraft builds. Anything you make here you can eventually fill the whole crater. There's a lot of potential for fun in this 1.16 seed for Minecraft. Anyone looking for some fun place to build an empire, this is the great place for it, one of the best Minecraft seeds.