Minecraft forest island seed with shipwreck and exposed mineshaft dungeon 1.15.2

Here's a really cool Minecraft seed to play Minecraft with. This is a forest island seed with a shipwreck on one side and an exposed mineshaft on the other. There's lukewarm ocean all around here and a continent to jump ship to if you please. This is a really easy island to survive on as it's covered with forest.

The seed is: -4499410948081570036

The coordinates of the exposed Mineshart are x-275 by z170 and the coordinates of the shipwreck are x-444 by z15. The shipwreck has a helmet with resperation 3 on it. There are also a lot of potatoes in that chest.

The mineshaft is pretty scary, be careful not to fall in or your character may die from the fall. There are a ton of dangerous creatures down there so take your time preparing for that adventure. This place is an exciting and sometimes scary place to play Minecraft with a lot of fun games to play for any creative adventurer. This island paradise is a pretty beautiful and compelling Minecraft seed to play Minecraft with.