Minecraft giant mega taiga seed with jungle temple in panda bamboo forest 1.15.2

Here's a great Minecraft seed 1.15.2 where players start on the edge of a jungle . There's also an enormous mega taiga biome that goes on for an insane distance. The jungle is a huge section of bamboo jungle that's attached to an even larger standard jungle.

The seed is: 8731607206310685718

The jungle temple can be found at x-410 by z23.

There are a lot of pandas hiding in the bamboo thickets, along with a lot of other animals like chickens and pigs. There's really not much else here other than the jungle and mega taiga. If these are the biomes you're looking for then this is the perfect place to play Minecraft. The jungle temple has a bunch of iron in it, but not much else. This Minecraft seed has a lot of fun games to play and is an overall exciting place to play Minecraft.