Minecraft ocean seeds

Here's a list of Minecraft seeds with oceans in them. Now days there are a lot of different types of oceans and they usually come paired with islands. There are warm oceans, cold oceans, frozen oceans, generic oceans, and so on. There are also coral reefs and lots of different fish and animals in the oceans.

A long time ago oceans used to be the most boring biome in all of Minecraft, but not anymore. Thanks to the aquatic update these biomes feature a wide variety of variations, along with quite a few naturally generated structures. There are ocean monuments, shipwrecks, buried treasure, and ocean ruins. There are also dolphins, squid, multiple types of fish, coral, sea cucumbers, and so much more. Oceans are no longer the boring dead biomes they were in the past and are now home to a wide array of lively creatures and structures.

Below is a list of all the Minecraft ocean seeds we've found so far and every new one we find is added to the top of this list.

All Minecraft ocean seeds