Best Minecraft Seeds

These are the best Minecraft seeds. This list contains the best Minecraft seeds hand picked from the other lists of already awesome Minecraft seeds. The Minecraft seeds found on these pages are often times extremely rare, and or just surprisingly well rounded or beautiful.

Best Minecraft Seeds List:

This list has most, if not all seed types at some point or another. The best Minecraft seeds list pulls from Minecraft village seeds, Minecraft island seeds, Minecraft jungle seeds, and so on. There are so many types of Minecraft seeds to pick from, and this list has the best Minecraft seeds from each of those lists. Also, none of these Minecraft seeds work as Minecraft PE seeds, Minecraft Xbox One seeds, or Minecraft PS4 seeds. See those respective sections to find seeds for those versions of Minecraft. This list is only for Minecraft PC seeds.

There's also a list for cool Minecraft seeds, that aren't necessarily the best seeds, but more often than not they're extremely unique or weird. This list is for overpowering combinations of features, like three villages in sight of each other, two villages on one islands, or even more simple Minecraft seeds like starting at the crossroads of three great environments. There are a lot to look through in this list of the best Minecraft seeds.

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.15.1

We've also made a list of the best 1.15.1 Minecraft seeds. This page has some different best Minecraft seeds than the list above. The best Minecraft seeds lists are the most exciting seeds we find, in contrast to the cool minecraft seeds which aren't necessarily amazing world seeds, but are anything we deem to be unique or interesting. Best Minecraft seeds are Minecraft seeds which show not just rare qualities, but really fun qualities like multile naturally generated structures in sight of each other, or two biomes bordering each other that should never have a border, and so on.

Below is are three examples from the full list of best Minecraft 1.15.1 seeds.

Best Minecraft village island seed of 1.15.1

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for obvious reasons. On this exciting Minecraft island seed players start on an island with this beautiful village island nearby. There are also three shipwrecks and two ocean monuments in the immediate area. Two of the shipwrecks have an absurd amount of iron which is actually extremely useful. There are multiple unique village buildings on this island as well as ocean ruins nearby. This is truly one of the best Minecraft seeds, maybe of all time.

Minecraft jungle temple village seed

Here is another one of the best Minecraft seeds of 1.15.1 where players start in a jungle with a temple nearby, but that's not all! Right across from the jungle temple is a taiga village, they're so close they might as well be one unit. We've never seen a jungle temple so close to a taiga village, this is a very unique and interesting Minecraft seed. Definitely one of the Best Minecraft seeds of the version.

Best Minecraft survival island seed of 1.15.1

This is the Best Minecraft survival island seed 1.15.1 so far. There are two trees and one of them is a big tree. For all practical purposes this is the fabled three tree survival island that so many players yearn for. There are no major islands nearby, only tiny sand barges. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for that classic "can you survive without leaving the island" challenges. There's also an ocean monument to explore nearby as well.


For more great seeds be sure to check out the full list of 1.15.1 Best Minecraft Seeds!