Extreme Small Minecraft village seed 1.15.2 four houses

This is one of the smallest Minecraft village seeds we've ever seen. This is a really tiny 1.15.2 village. There are only 4 houses in this Minecraft seed village. In the more recent versions of Minecraft it's extremely rare to find small minecraft towns. Usually these structures are much larger now days. Finding a small village like this one is very interesting given the current seed generation patterns for Minecraft 1.15.2 seeds.

The seed is: -8778866312330758804

There's a really scary cave at the end of the one of the village roads. The road just transitions perfectly into a cave as if it's been the source of iron and coal to feed the village. It creates an illusion of this being a small Minecraft coal mining village. There are other biomes nearby as well. There are mountains on either side of the village, and forests perpendicular relative to the mountains. There is mostly taiga forest but there is some normal forests too. The village is in a big plains biome and there are all the basic animals here including donkeys and horses. This is a really cool Minecraft seed.