Minecraft beehive bedrock seed small patch of life in a desert 1.14.60

Here's a peculilar Minecraft bedrock seed. This is a really strange Minecraft beehive bedrock seed where players start on a tiny little patch of plains with one normal tree that has a beehive on it. There is also one cow, one pig, and one sheep here, as well as a starter cave right nearby and a small pond. This place is sandwiched between a desert, savana, and ocean. This Minecraft seed is bedrock so it will also work on pocket edition, PS4, and Xbox Minecraft versions.

The seed is: -1370493194

This is the one patch of lush life in the desert. This place is surrounded by dry biomes with very little life in them. Just over the hill in the background players can find a pillager outpost however. This place is really a scary Minecraft bedrock seed, like badlands where only bandits and pillagers live. Will you survive in this desert oasis bedrock seed? It's a really exciting and fun place to play Minecraft.