Minecraft birch forest swampland witch hut bedrock seed 1.14.60

Another good Minecraft bedrock seed. Players start at the cross section of a forest, birch forest, and a swampland with a witch hut in it. There are most of the basic animals, and some caves right nearby to get started mining with. There are some mountains off in the distance, and a roofed forest relatively nearby as well. Since it's bedrock, this Minecraft seed will work for pocket edition, PS4, and Xbox as well.

The seed is: -1663328955

The witch hut can be found at x20 by z20. The swamp is pretty massive, it goes on for a while. This is an awesome play to play Minecraft. There are many fun games to play around here. The birch forest is HUGE! It goes on for a really long time, so if you're looking for a gigantic birch forest then you found it. The normal forest isn't as big and the mountains are kind of small. Either way it's a fantastic and pretty Minecraft bedrock seed 1.14.60 to play Minecraft.