Minecraft coral reef seed with village mountains flower forest beehives llamas and gold fissure 1.14.60

This is a perfect Minecraft bedrock seed basically. Players start in a Minecraft village bedrock seed near a bunch of mountains. There's a flower forest next to the village with one beehive in it. This is one of the best Minecraft 1.14.60 bedrock seeds for sure. There's also a birch forest nearby, another village, and a desert village on the other side of the mountains. The best part of this Minecraft seed however is that there's a coral reef warm ocean biome right next to the village, it's a great place to collect different types of tropical fish.

The seed is: -1632661477

On top of the mountains you can also find a pack of llamas! They're up there somewhere, if you look around long enough you'll find them.

There's also a cave / hole in the village that leads to some iron and coal, it's a really nice place to start a mine especially if you start it with a ladder so the monsters cannot escape. On the other side of the village is a fissure that has a ton of gold in the bottom, along with the other resources like coal, iron, lava, and obsidian.

Nearby are desert biomes, a birch forest, a river, a second group of mountains, and more. This Minecraft seed has so much fun stuff to play Minecraft with, even cows, pigs, and sheep in the village. This is a place with a lot of fun games to play and anyone could find themselves spending countless hours here playing Minecraft.