Minecraft forest mountain village bedrock seed with five diamond fissure 1.14.60

Another awesome Minecraft bedrock seed. This is a Minecraft 1.14.60 bedrock seed with a village right at the starting location. The village is in a forest and mountain at the same time! This Minecraft village bedrock seed is a great place to play Minecraft.

The seed is: 525492038

There's a massive birch forest around the village, the mountains are rather small however. There are five diamonds in a nearby fissure which can be found at the bottom of x875 by z270. The diamonds open a lot of potential for this seed and make it a place where you can find fun games to play. 

The Mining potential of this bedrock seed for Minecraft is insane. It's epic being able to start with a diamond pickaxe, assuming that's what you choose to spend the diamonds on. Starting with diamond tools is a nice way to start any Minecraft adventure. Crafting a diamond pickaxe and digging a mine of iron and coal could be a fun way to spend time, but there are a lot of other options too for this awesome Minecraft bedrock seed. It's a perfect place to play Minecraft.