Minecraft mountain bedrock seed by oceans and a village 1.14.60

Another chill Minecraft bedrock seed to play Minecraft with. Here is a Minecraft mountain bedrock seed that's near the ocean with a village nearby. So that makes this a Minecraft village bedrock seed as well. The village is a generic plains village with domesticated animals. The mountains are pretty big and belong to a medium sized biome. This Minecraft seed is for the bedrock versions of Minecraft so it will also work with pocket edition, PS4, and Xbox Minecraft versions.

The seed is: -1652742675

There are lots of fun games to play here, lots of mountains and caves, big open spaces, a lot of climbing. This place is a great minecraf bedrock seed to build a mountain spire empire base, a castle in the sky, and so much more. It's wonderful all the amazing things you can do to this beautiful Minecraft mountain bedrock seed. Maybe a huge rollercoaster with mine cart tracks would work here. There's mountains so finding iron shouldn't be the hardest thing ever. Carving out the mountains with intracate dwarven dungeons might be another possibility. This Minecraft bedrock seed is truly a great place to play Minecraft.