Minecraft two village bedrock seed with pillager outpost by the sea 1.15.60

This is a crazy good Minecraft bedrock seed where players start relatively near three villages, a pillager outpost, and a fissure with a diamond block in it. This Minecraft village bedrock seed is a fun place to play Minecraft and works with pocket edition, PS4, and Xbox One. If you're looking for Java seeds then head on over to the Minecraft java seeds page.There's also a swamp nearby, oceans, and tons of mountains. It's a really great place with fun games to play.

The seed is: 1201491922

There's actually a fissure between all three villages with one diamond at the bottom. The diamond block can be found at x245 by z-538. It's at the very bottom of the fissure, be wary of lava!

The first village is at x100 by z-250 and is a zombie village. There's a beehive at x100 by z-600, which is between the first and second village. The second village is at x150 by z-725 and has domesticated cows, horses, and pigs. There are also cats in this village! As for the pillager outpost, it actually has a village right next to it. The coordinates of the pillager outpost are x500 by z-700. The third village has a blacksmith.

There's a lot to do in this awesome Minecraft bedrock seed, it's a fun place to play Minecraft. It's great to find such an epic seed for Minecraft, there may be more than listed here, so explore it yourself and see what fun Minecraft adventures you can find.