Minecraft zombie village bedrock seed by mountains, taiga, and pillager outpost 1.14.60

This is a pretty scary Minecraft bedrock seed 1.14.60 where players start right on the outskirts of a medium sized zombie village. There are no villagers left, it's all zombies and cobwebs. This Minecraft bedrock seed is a pretty thrilling and dangerous place to live. The only thing nearby is a pillager outpost, so basically mountain bandits. If you're looking for a spooky place to play Minecraft, this is it. Also because this is a bedrock seed it will also work for PE, PS4, and Xbox Minecraft versions.

The seed is: -1969890958

It's pretty cool that there's a random small lava pit near the village, it could be used to craft a nether portal without having to get diamonds. This place is pretty isolated and dark. The biomes around here match the scary setting this Minecraft bedrock seed creates.

Zombie villages seem to be much more common in the bedrock Minecraft versions than in the java Minecraft versions. these places are pretty interesting. Also there are some extremely pretty mountain formations nearby and an ocean on the otherside. There's a tremendous amount of forests to harvest wood from as well. This is a really perplexing and strange bedrock seed, but with a creative mind there will be lots of fun games to play here.