Spawn at river village Minecraft 1.14.60 seed with big birch forest

This Minecraft 1.14.60 bedrock village seed starts players in the middle of a big village that reaches out onto the river like a river village. This Minecraft bedrock seed is really cool with lots of houses, water, animals, cats, and there's even a gigantic birch forest! That birch forest is huge and covers a vast amount of land. This is a wildly fun place to play Minecraft and there's a second village across the plains. Because this is a bedrock seed it will work with pocket edition , PS4 , and Xbox Minecraft versions.

The seed is: 1307339395

Across the river are some mountains, that could be a fun place to explore and a great place to collect stones and resources such as iron and coal. There are a lot of fun games to play here, building a bridge across this fat river could be a lot of fun. It's insane how giant the river is, it's practically a lake. This Minecraft village bedrock seed has a lot to offer, with two villages, lots of good biomes, birch forests, mountains, water, and so much more. It's an awesome place to play Minecraft.